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“It’s not just how a photo looks, but how it makes you feel.
Those are the moments you want to hold on to forever.”



My name is Stefan Stević, and I am a destination editorial wedding photographer from Belgrade.

The list of things I love is quite long, but I’ll tell you that when we meet face to face. However, dogs are indisputably kept on top of it, especially my best friend, Shih Tzu Niki. I adore coffee, travel, but even more than that – analog photography.

I see myself as a documentary and editorial photographer who uses photography to create natural and elegant, as well as timeless works of art. The passion for art I probably inherited from my great-grandfather, who was a painter and a sculptor. My work style has been built up by the desire to break up with the established trends. While traveling the world and enjoying art, I intend to search for my inspiration through analog photography on 35mm film.

The classic, elegant, and agile approach is what I value the most in wedding photography, creating a pleasant atmosphere with the clients. I genuinely believe that wedding photography is more about storytelling than just making appealing photos.

Destination Editorial Wedding Photographer
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Few kind words about me

Few kind words about me

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